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Let us tell our story!

We are the Simple Southern Boys.  We have music in our blood!  Over our lifetimes we have been in different bands looking for the right combination.  Some say that it will never happen and sometimes it seems that this is true.  One thing that we have individually, is a sense of confidence and perseverance!  When we all met, we knew we had something special!

A lot of hard work and soul-searching have led us to where we are today!  Ready to rock the Nation and then the world with our special brand of hard-hitting southern passion!

It is our mission to fill your hearts with hope, joy, and raw power!  Please listen with an open mind and heart and let your love shine!

I can't remember not being a singer.  At 5 years old I wrote my own songs.  I sang for any neighbor who would listen. They would put money in an old coffee can and I was so surprised!  I remember they would hurry me along to the next neighbor's house so I could sing my great songs!  I have to send love out to those great people.  It was a wonderful treat for a little boy to be given such encouragement.  Not every kid has that.  I do feel truly blessed!

I formed bands with my friends.  That's how I met Dave, our guitarist!  Big local bands like Myth, Sons of Dr's and Big Shot.  We worked hard, had great times, but never lost sight of our dream!  Opening for bands like Molly Hatchet (eventually, well, they opened for us!).  It's a crazy life!  We did concerts with Johnny Winter, Foreigner, Lonesome Dave, Fog Hat, Eddie Money, Pat Travers and so many more to remember.

I was inspired!  It wasn't long before I started getting serious about writing and "All Revved Up" was made!  That started it all!  When I write, I love the feeling of the words pouring out and surprising me!  It's been a long time coming, but I feel like right now, more than ever, the hand of God is bringing everything together for something big!

With my band brothers, our music together is taking us somewhere we've never been before!  I hope that you'll come along on this spiritual road trip with us!  One thing about life is that it's curiously short.  Don't let it pass you by.  Live it!

Composer, arranger, producer of original songs, musical scores and symphonies.    

Owner, manager and main engineer of Studio Live USA  current

Manager, main engineer of KDS Music Studios  2010 - 2013

Owner, manager and main engineer of Difference Studios  1989 - 2010                   

Instructor for over 18 years with the fully accredited audio engineering school, Recording, Radio and Film Connection.

Session musician of all styles of music for 25 years..

Assistant Executive Director of Florida Songwriters Association 

Experienced in radio, television, commercials and film scores. 

Mixing and mastering engineerspecialist

Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist.



          Lead guitar and vocals w/ A&MRecordsMPG  

          Keyboards, guitar and vocals w/ Parc Records (CBS) - BIGSHOT     

           Guitarist w/ Lowery RecordsCYCLE

           7th annual Billboard songwriting contest achievement winner .

            Retrospect RecordsDAVID

           Retrospect Records – TIN HOUSE (formerly w/ Epic Records)

           Music Composer “The Legend Of Kate Kensington” full feature film 2016 

           Guitar, keys, vocals and co writer – SIMPLE SOUTHERN BOYS  2016

Jamie Baker (bass) is a graduate of the Bass Institute of Technology in Los Angeles, California, and his playing forms the foundation of Simple Southern Boys.  His style is the anchor for the songs, and his dominance of the groove is a benchmark.  Jamie has been prominent on the music scene in the Southeast United States, playing and recording with groups including the Rollin' Thunder Band, Les Dudeck, Bong Water Taffy, and the Sons of Doctors.  He is a natural player, a studio veteran whose signature is on many regional releases, and an award-winning performer whose experience and expertise are an integral part of Simple Southern Boy's original sound.

From my earliest recollection music has always been a passion moving inside me and is my greatest form of expression and communication. Drums were my first discovery and nothing in my world was off limits, nothing. Drums are the heartbeat of mother earth and the backbone of music. I have always felt what I play and move with it. Simply put I have been blessed to do what I love to do.


I bought my first drum set at 13 and wore headphones while I played to music. My early mentors were Ginger Baker, John Bonham, Mitch Mitchell and Ian Paice. My experience with bands began at the age of 14 playing local venues. My first gig was the Orlando Country Club. My first tour was with New Days Ahead and lasted 2.5 years. I have been actively playing in local bands throughout the years. Presently I am playing with the Simple Southern Boys, all from Central Florida. We have been in the studio recording our new CD "Eyes On The Prize" and soon will be out promoting that CD. The songs are from emotional experiences that are recreated by SSB. Ideas by Derly Hughes and Dave Mikeal that were brought to life in the studio by SSB over a period of one year.  


There is a powerful energy created when musicians play and the audience reacts, they are not mutually exclusive. I have played with bands and jammed with musicians that create that energy. Music transcends barriers and unites players with the audience. The Simple Southern Boys have had that energy from inception. When we perform, it is our church and we create that energy live. Whatever your beliefs, it is a power greater than us.