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Let us tell our story!

We are the Simple Southern Boys.  We have music in our blood!  Over our lifetimes we have been in different bands looking for the right combination.  Some say that it will never happen and sometimes it seems that this is true.  One thing that we have individually, is a sense of confidence and perseverance!  When we all met, we knew we had something special!

A lot of hard work and soul-searching have led us to where we are today!  Ready to rock the Nation and then the world with our special brand of hard-hitting southern passion!

It is our mission to fill your hearts with hope, joy, and raw power!  Please listen with an open mind and heart and let your love shine!

Past Dates

Saturday, October 1st, 2016

Daytonapalooza Art and Music Festival - 10:15
310 Main St, Daytona Beach, FL 32118
Daytona, Florida 32118
Price: $10

Simple Southern Boys will be playing on stage in front of the Boot Hill Saloon on Main Street at 10:15pm!  Come see us perform songs from our newest album "Eyes on the Prize"!  Be ready to FEEL the music!